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Medical Hypnosis offers a means to surmount the wide range of challenges in the spectrum of well-being. We offer opportunity to develop skills and resources to grow beyond personal limitation and restriction to personal freedom and authentic self expression in your unique life journey.


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Psychotherapy, or personal counseling with a psychotherapist, is an intentional interpersonal relationship used by trained psychotherapists to aid a client or patient in problems of living.

Self Hypnosis

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Self-hypnosis ("autohypnosis") is a form of hypnosis which is self-induced, and normally makes use of self-suggestion ("autosuggestion"). Listening to pre-recorded audio or other media is often mistaken for self-hypnosis, but is just another form of hypnosis.


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 82nd Anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous

June 9,10, & 11, 2017 | Akron, Ohio | Birthplace of A.A.



Alright…why.  Why not typical psychotherapy to treat repeated negative behavior?  Well, for one thing hypnosis allows for a more complete procedure.  And, it tends to be more accurate in getting to the root of the matter.  The best news for the patient is that hypnosis may save time and money!

What better way to recall the significant events of one’s life than undergoing this age-old proven procedure.  Do you know the right side of the brain from the left side and the difference between the two?  For one thing, the right side of your brain controls creativity, common sense, and rational thought which, (you see where we’re headed?) hypnosis taps into.

The challenge is to discover if hypnosis is right for you.  And, just as importantly, who will administrate its remarkable healing power.  In Northeast Ohio you will find hypnosis rehabilitation specialist Linda Popp.  Linda might be one of the most important people you will ever meet.  Arrange an appointment in her Akron, OH office today at (330) 794-8525.

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Spring into Science April 14 and 15!

We are EGGstatic to be EGGsperimenting with guests again this April!

You’re getting sleepy, but wait!  Before you nod off, read this.  It will give you a brief background into the history of this marvelous process that has helped people turn their lives around.  That’s right: hypnosis has changed lives for the better.  It is not just some “stage trick” used to entertain and amuse.

Mentions of hypnosis go back to the father of Medicine himself Hippocrates!  He began to understand the potential healing power of  hypnotic suggestion.  In the 1800’s James Braid, a Scottish surgeon began using hypnosis to treat various ailments. 

The earliest mentions of hypnosis go back to Egyptian medicine in the Ebers Papyrus 1552 BC.  The father of Medicine himself Hippocrates is known to have said, “the afflictions suffered by the body, the soul sees quite well with shut eyes.”   In the 1800’s James Braid, a Scottish surgeon began using the term hypnotism, named after the Greek god, Hypnos, meaning sleep.  Many of his ideas remain virtually unchanged.   Concluding and publishing the observation that all the phenomena of hypnotism are subjective in origin Liebeault became known as “The Father of Modern Hypnotism” and founded the School of Nancy.

This leads us to today.  In the second decade of the 21st century everyone now knows the insidious habit of cigarette smoking and its long-term consequences.  Hypnosis may be the answer for you!  Please call Linda Popp.  She is a nationally recognized practitioner of quitting smoking through hypnosis.  Call her in Akron Ohio at (330) 794-8525.

Curing a bad habit means ceasing that behavior for the rest of your life.  THAT is what matters most doesn’t it?  When it comes to stopping the insidious habit of smoking a professional may be your best answer.  Even better, if more professionals knew the method as devised by William Joseph Bryan Jr., MD, the world would be a better place.

Hypnosis may be the answer for you.  It may be the difference between a shorter life, filled with discomfort and the ravages of smoke-related illnesses and a long, productive, quality life on this earth for yourself and the people you love.  What if you are a therapist and you wish to learn the Bryan Method so that you could save lives?

Both of these miracles could be accomplished with the help of professional hypnotherapist, Linda Popp, LPCC-S.  Linda will not only help smokers, but also licensed practitioners by teaching the Bryan Method.  Like Mark Twain said “quitting smoking is easy.  I have done it a thousand times”.  Contact this remarkable woman and make an appointment in her Akron Ohio office by calling (330) 794-8525…and live smoke-free!
If you were told that you could add a healthy, productive decade to your life would you take it?  No, you don’t have to sell your soul.  According to the New England Journal of Medicine kicking the smoking habit in your mid-30’s may increase your life expectancy by a decade.  There is an extra ten years to play with!

In one national survey on health and longevity after smoking nearly 200,000 men and women were followed for about a decade.  It was discovered that even those between 55-64 added almost 5 years to their lives.  We know that your body begins to rejuvenate the moment that you quit this insidious habit.

I know…some of you are saying blah, blah, blah…I have heard it all before.  There really is a way to stop once and for all!  It starts with a visit to this website - www.hypnosisohio.com.  Here you will find Linda Popp.  Linda practices the Bryan Method to help you stop smoking for the rest of your life.  Please give her a call at (330) 794-8525.
Have you heard of it?  Those that have experienced it and even taught it are great believers in the work of the late William J Bryan, MD.  Dr. Bryan who left us all too soon developed a system of hypno-analysis that focuses on the unconscious content of the psyche and efforts to alleviate psychic tension (the "real" problem, rather than the symptom of the problem).

It is heavily reliant on both the relationship between the therapist and the patient and the unique system specific approach.  It has been successfully used on individuals, groups, and families.

Many in the psychiatric community have found it to be the treatment of choice for Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as adjustment disorder (the inability of an individual to cope with the stress of a major event in their lives).  Many medical Doctors and Psychiatrists are not really sold on hypnosis as a modality, although it is getting better.

Is the Bryan Method right for you or a loved one?  To find out, visit www.hypnosisohio.com.  Here you will find the practical applications of this type of therapy as taught and practiced by Northeast Ohio psychotherapist Linda Popp.  This may be the answer to conquering a lifetime of unwanted behavior.  Please call her today at (303) (330) 794-8525.