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Medical Hypnosis offers a means to surmount the wide range of challenges in the spectrum of well-being. We offer opportunity to develop skills and resources to grow beyond personal limitation and restriction to personal freedom and authentic self expression in your unique life journey.


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Psychotherapy, or personal counseling with a psychotherapist, is an intentional interpersonal relationship used by trained psychotherapists to aid a client or patient in problems of living.

Self Hypnosis

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Self-hypnosis ("autohypnosis") is a form of hypnosis which is self-induced, and normally makes use of self-suggestion ("autosuggestion"). Listening to pre-recorded audio or other media is often mistaken for self-hypnosis, but is just another form of hypnosis.


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Some of the side-show charlatans out there have given hypnosis a bad name.  They are trying to “entertain” when, in fact this method of exploring one’s inner thoughts may be a life-saver.  The amazing truth is that in the correct hands there are very few dangers.  Remember this…the mind is very protective of the psyche person.

There are popular misconceptions of hypnosis occurring spontaneously.  There are many instances when hypnosis occurs spontaneously in our ordinary daily life.  Among them are –

1.  The simple act of daydreaming.
2.  Becoming entranced during a religious service.
3.  Just watching television or reading.
4.  That twilight time just before you go to sleep.
Medical hypnosis is safe, real, and may be remarkably helpful.  Obviously, it must be administered by a well-trained practitioner.  We invite you to reach out to Linda Popp.  From her office in Akron Ohio you may discover that medical hypnosis from the right person is the best decision you have ever made.  Arrange an appointment with Linda at (330) 794-8525.
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It is important to have an “open mind” about the process before you decide to use this method to stop your long-time smoking habit.  Perhaps you have tried abstaining altogether or patches and other methods.  Eventually you found them “wanting” as the urge returns.  The key to hypnosis is eliminating the desire forever!

85% of our patients respond to the program.  For them it is an empty habit, something they learned to do a long time ago to fit in, to feel mature, to do what the pretty girls or the handsome guys do, to be accepted and at that time that was important.  But you don’t live there anymore.  In the state of hypnosis you can access these old out-dated files and discard these early thoughts and beliefs creating new files about life and health and fully living life.  For the remaining 15%, for whom smoking is a coping mechanism for an underlying problem, like depression or anxiety, you too can be helped with hypnoanalysis to resolve the underlying cause and then release the smoking habit.  By accessing the subconscious you have an opportunity to break the shackles that keep you chained to the habit.

It really is not complicated and it may be just the answer you are looking for to live a longer, healthier life for you and your loved ones.  Just think of the health-care costs that you will be saving in the future as well!  Please take a moment and visit the website www.hypnosisohio.com.  Call Linda Popp and arrange a consultation with one of America’s top hypnotherapists at her Akron Ohio office.  Call (330) 794-8525.  And, don’t forget our upcoming seminars…

May 4, 2017, 7 CEU’s, Hypnosis for Health Care Professionals
May 5 and 6, 2017, 14 CEU’s Medical Hypnoanalysis:  Theory and Diagnostics
Location:  Medical Hypnosis Center for Wellness, 2708 Mogadore Road, Akron, OH 44312
Approved:   Ohio Psychological Association and Ohio Counselor, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapist Board.

Go to www.IMH.US.com for schedule and registration.
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 82nd Anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous

June 9,10, & 11, 2017 | Akron, Ohio | Birthplace of A.A.



Alright…why.  Why not typical psychotherapy to treat repeated negative behavior?  Well, for one thing hypnosis allows for a more complete procedure.  And, it tends to be more accurate in getting to the root of the matter.  The best news for the patient is that hypnosis may save time and money!

What better way to recall the significant events of one’s life than undergoing this age-old proven procedure.  Do you know the right side of the brain from the left side and the difference between the two?  For one thing, the right side of your brain controls creativity, common sense, and rational thought which, (you see where we’re headed?) hypnosis taps into.

The challenge is to discover if hypnosis is right for you.  And, just as importantly, who will administrate its remarkable healing power.  In Northeast Ohio you will find hypnosis rehabilitation specialist Linda Popp.  Linda might be one of the most important people you will ever meet.  Arrange an appointment in her Akron, OH office today at (330) 794-8525.

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Spring into Science April 14 and 15!

We are EGGstatic to be EGGsperimenting with guests again this April!